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Bulls, Bears, and the Ballot Box

“A Must Read”…Governor Ted Strickland

Bulls, Bears, and the Ballot Box How the Performance of OurPresidents Has impacted Your Wallet cuts through all of the hyperbole and mantra. It is a 'must read' for all voters - independents, liberals and conservatives alike.

The book examines which U.S. Presidents have been the best and worst economic stewards for our nation, and the business community, and the average American family. It tells the reader which political party has demonstrated superior economic performance while serving in the White House and which economic principles have led to each President’s success or failure.

The authors review 80 years of our nation’s economic history

from the Great Depression and Herbert Hoover, to the Great Recession and George W. Bush. They explain the economic stumbles and triumphs posted by these 13 presidents as CEO's of the American economy.

About the authors

Lew Goldfarb is a CPA, business attorney, entrepreneur and law professor at the University of Cincinnati.

Bob Deitrick is the co-owner of Polaris Financial Partners, LLC He has taught financial planning at The Ohio State University.


Sandusky native Lew Goldfarb has an election year claim guaranteed to produce partisan controversy. He says that Democratic U.S. presidents do a better job of managing the economy than Republicans do.

Goldfarb, a University of Cincinnati law professor, has authored a book that he says backs the claim. He and co-author Bob Deitrick will be signing copies of “Bulls, Bears and Ballot Box: How the Performance of

Our Presidents Has Impacted Your Wallet” Thursday at Books-A-Million at Sandusky Mall.

Goldfarb hasn’t picked up any Republican endorsements for his book yet, but former Gov. Ted Strickland says it’s a “must read” and David Wilhelm, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, also is a fan.

The book uses statistics and the authors’ “Presidential Rules for Economic Success” to rate 13 presidents.

“We looked at economic indicators over the course of the last 80  years,” Goldfarb said.

John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson — combined in a ranking because JFK did not finish his term — are ranked No. 1 in Goldfarb’s book. Second place is a tie between Franklin Roosevelt and Bill Clinton. The highest-ranking Republican is Dwight Eisenhower, who created the national interstate system, Goldfarb said.

Goldfarb graduated from Perkins High School in 1976. His parents were Charlie and Jean Goldfarb, who are both deceased.

Charlie Goldfarb was a former president of the Perkins school board, while Jean Goldfarb was a community activist.

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